Anonymous Draft 5: This I No Longer Believe

Growing up in a culture where skin color was praised, was a difficult thing for my mother. It was difficult because my mom was taught that white skin was the “superior” skin color to have. This was implemented onto her by her grandmother at a young age. They permed her hair before she was a teenager to even decide how she wanted to style her hair. My mom raised in a wealthy home where money was never a disability, was always spoiled. She felt that she needed the love of a man to be happy not money. She married my dad and had three children with him to try to satisfy her emptiness. Even though she wasn’t treated as a woman who married to be devoted to him she still never gave up on my father. So then the idea of marriage was passed down to me specially because we are of Christian belief so marriage is ideal to a healthy life with “no sin or fornication” as they call it. I loved the idea of weddings and happiness till I got older and started seeing the realistic outcomes of marriages. I don’t believe in marriages being a sign of happiness because people are always going to go through things and I believe some people take marriage is just an excuse for feeling of possession or using another person for their own benefit/ ego or self esteem.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Draft 5: This I No Longer Believe

  1. Hadiann Traore

    You have a great start. What event happened that made you no longer believe in marriage? what made you change? Your story is relatable and I’m looking forward to see why you don’t believe marriage is a key to happiness.

  2. Marco Antonio Perez

    You had a nice start that got my attention pretty quick. Will your ideology change if marriage if you get into a relationship in the future?that’s something to think about. You made some pretty convincing points on why marriage is illogical such as wanting to improve self esteem. Marriages now are different then they were back then


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