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Sign Up for Peer Review Options

In class yesterday, we discussed how we would like to conduct peer review, and I said I would make a survey for people to sign up for which option they prefer. We decided on 3 options:

  1. Writers bring paper copies of their drafts and exchange them for feedback during the peer review session
  2. Olivia posts anonymized copies of drafts to the course site, labeled (Paper 1, Paper 2, etc.). Writers are assigned random numbers and leave comments on the papers corresponding with that number.
  3. If a writer would like to keep their paper private, they can choose to do so, Olivia will send them feedback, and they will leave feedback for their peers using the online method.

One thing we did not discuss (or I don’t remember what we decided): whether the in-person peer review should also be anonymized. In the past, I have put people in groups of 3 and each person reads/comments on the writing of the other people in their group. So, I put two options on the survey regarding this.

Please select whichever option you prefer by Monday night so I can spend Tuesday getting everything organized.

Welcome to your survey for Peer Review Paper 1

How would you like your paper to be peer reviewed? (If you choose paper copy or online, you will give feedback to others who chose the same. If you choose to keep your paper private, you will give feedback to others online.)

Getting To Know You Survey

Dear Writers,

Please fill out the form below when you have a moment. All of your answers will be private.



Getting To Know You

While we will do group introductions on the first day of class, this form will give you the opportunity to share information you may want to keep private.
  • If your name in CUNYFirst is different from the name you go by, please provide your CUNYFirst name and the name you actually use. I will only use the name you actually use-- this is just so I know which person matches which roster name.
  • You can use IPA notation if you know it, but you can also use rhyming words or just spell out sounds as best you can. Example: Olivia Wood: O as in Ohh// Li as in Lizard// Vi rhymes with Bee // A like Uhh// Wood rhymes with Good
  • For example, I use she/her/hers pronouns. That means if you're referring to me, but not using my name, you would say "she." "My professor's name is Olivia. She sent us an online form to fill out."
  • This could include accessibility concerns and/or learning accommodations (no documentation required), life factors that may affect your ability to attend class or turn in assignments on time, etc.