2/19 (Wednesday): Writing Workshop 1

  1.  Please grab your name plate as you come in
  2. If you have not already done so, fill out the peer review survey here: https://tinyurl.com/vfbtqr3
  3. And upload your draft to the submission link on Blackboard.

Writing Into the Day

  1. What have you accomplished so far in your drafting process?
  2. What questions, difficulties, or “sticky spots” are you having?
  3. Where do you see your draft going in the future?
  4. What aspects of your writing would you like feedback on at this stage? What aspects do you NOT want feedback on at this stage?
  5. If you have participated in peer review in the past, what was helpful, what was unhelpful, and why?

If you are participating in online feedback and would like to anonymously share the answers to 2 and 4 with your reviewers, please email them to me so I can add them to the corresponding post. 


  1. Reminders and Review
  2. Discussing peer review practices
  3. Sorting people who didn’t fill out the survey into feedback groups
  4. Peer review!
  5. Looking Ahead

Reminders and Review

  1. Spring Start– less than half of you attended the first workshop!!!
  2. How to Post refresher
  3. Several past assignments now that you can still do late for partial credit
  4. Post your own optional posts to the blog!

Group Sorting

If you opted for in-person peer review with discussion:

You are in a group together.

If you opted for private feedback from me OR anonymous online feedback:

You will all be commenting on the drafts posted anonymously to the blog.

Leave comments on as many of the drafts as you have time for, but I would rather you spend time leaving thoughtful, detailed feedback on one draft rather than speed through multiple drafts. (Note: In-line comments feature is available!)

If you opted for anonymous in-person peer review:

Please choose whether you would prefer online anonymous feedback or to join the not-anonymous group. Not enough people chose this option for them to remain anonymous while also giving/receiving feedback in real life.

If you still have not chosen an option but do have a draft ready for today:

Choose an option now and either email me your draft so I can put it on the blog anonymously or join up with others who would like in-person discussion.

If you did not choose an option and have no draft ready for today:

Please leave feedback for your classmates online.

Peer Review Guidelines:

I will keep a timer running so we can try to distribute our feedback evenly/make sure everyone gets comments.

Here are some questions for you to think about as you write your responses to your peers.

  1. Summarize the journey the writer is conveying and the major steps along that journey/their significance for the writer. Writers: Do these summaries match what you were trying to express?
  2. Make a comment on some vivid imagery or specific details that you found moving/powerful/effective
  3. Make a comment on some imagery or details that you want to know more about, or you think could be made more specific/evocative
  4. What questions do you have as a reader? (This can be things you found vague/confusing or just things you want to know more about)
  5. Where is the “center of gravity” of this draft so far? (That is, what seems to be the most important part?)
  6. Look back at the rubric/assignment sheet. Do you think there are any specific areas of the rubric the writer could improve on?
  7. If the writer has provided specific questions they would like feedback on, please try to address those.

Looking Ahead:

February 24 (Monday): Playing with Genre, Style, and Audience Day 1

Readings Due
“The Fear Appeal”
“The Humor Appeal”

February 26 (Wednesday): Writing Workshop 2

Assignments Due
Fear and Humor Appeal Examples (comment on post on blog)
“This I No Longer Believe” Full First Draft Due

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