Ways to Participate

Participation can be earned in a variety of ways:

  • Attend class (2 points if you are on time, 1 point if you are late) (46 possible points)
  • Complete required informal assignments (about 10-12 planned assignments) (about 20-24 possible points, subject to change)
  • If you are absent, review the lesson plan posted to the course website and respond to the included prompts. (2 points)
  • Attend writing center workshops (2 points per workshop as long as each workshop is on a separate topic)
  • Attend writing center tutoring sessions (2 points per session)
  • Do a revision of an assignment and include a reflection on your revision (up to 2 points per reflection)
  • Contribute relevant content to the class blog on the “Optional” category and write a little in your post about why you chose to share it (up to 2 points per post)
  • Take good notes and share them on the class blog (up to 2 points per post)
  • Write OR present an analysis of rhetoric you find in the world (up to 2 points per analysis)
  • Write OR present an analysis of your own use of rhetoric in the world (up to 2 points per analysis)
  • Write and post a class learning reflection (up to 2 points per reflection)
  • Add quotes from our class readings OR other quotes you find elsewhere in the world to the Quotes Collection on the course site.
  • Write a statement explaining other ways you engaged with class material in a meaningful way and argue for why it should count for participation points 

Generally, a participation assignment (such as a blog post, reflection, etc.) should be 1-2 pages minimum.

Most of the above assignments should be posted to the course website, but there are also places in Blackboard where you can submit participation assignments.

Sample Grading Breakdowns

100% = 80 points
92.5% (A) = 74 points
82.5% (B) = 66 points (show up on time every day, complete assigned work on time, don’t do any additional participation assignments)
72.5% (C) = 58 points
62.5% (D) = 50 points
57.5% (high F) = 46 points (show up on time every day but don’t do any work)