Anonymous Draft 3: This I No Longer Believe

As we grow older our ideals change and shape into new beliefs. Something I used to believe in was trust. However, in the wake of a series of events I learned to trust no one. People lie and deceive for their own benefit. Growing up as an only child made me put my trust in the people around me. I believed my relationships were genuine and that multiple people had my back. Yet that wasn’t the case. Many have failed to keep their word and continued to disappoint.

The moment I started to stop trusting people completely began in high school. I had a friend who I was very close to me betray me. She wasn’t just an acquaintance like everyone else. She was my best friend. She met my mother, has been to my house, and I’ve even spent money on this person. She was my best friend. We were on the phone everyday, have cried together, and shared secrets with each other. Our friendship seemed like it would’ve lasted forever. Until, I was starting to have an issue with a girl who had it out for me for no good reason. This person happened to be a friend to my best friend. Amongst the drama my best friend was trying to be supportive of both of us. It seemed really two faced. She would talk about me with the girl then smile in my face the very next day. This made me naturally fall back and keep my distance because how can I know whether or not she’s being real with me or not. She continued to try to call me and apologize for her actions. Though it was too late, I was already hurt. 

  Then, I started to be reluctant in trusting even in a romantic relationship setting. My boyfriend at the time was starting to make suspicious actions that were raising red flags all over. For instance, he would ignore my text and calls then make up excuses. What he didn’t know was that I am a detective at heart so I put all the pieces to the puzzle together. I ended up finding out that he was cheating so I dropped him like a bad habit.Even though he tried to justify what he did I wasn’t going to let him make a fool out of me.  After this event I began to be more aware of my surroundings and the people I let into my life. I don’t let anyone get close enough to hurt me. 

Throughout history we always hear stories of trust being broken and people betraying those who were considered friends to them.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Draft 3: This I No Longer Believe

  1. Juan Marte Melendez

    In your life, you will find people who will harm you, but you will also find precious people who will love and respect you. Every experience of our life is a learning process, which helps you to be a stronger and better human being.

    It is clear that now you do not trust anyone and that your essay is focused on the fact. Could you change your mind if you would find someone sincere and honest?

  2. Kareem Johnson

    My biggest takeaway from your essay is how one situation tremendously impacted other aspects of your life. I think we all have moments where we are hurt or harmed so badly by someone we trust, love and respect and those moments seem to make us more distrustful and spiteful towards others. Human nature is learning from these experiences and applying what you learned, whether it be good or bad, in the future. I understand why you acted the way you towards your boyfriend and you did a wonderful job of expressing the feel of deception and betrayal you felt, as well as the paranoia you felt towards how your boyfriend was acting. In the end, sadly, you were proven right by your suspicions.

    I hope you find someone who instill an absurd amount of confidence and trust in you, and as well as someone who can help you more trusting.


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