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Welcome to English 101!

Welcome to English 101!  Maybe you’re looking forward to this class, maybe you’re worried, and maybe you just want to get it over with. All of those things are okay.

Instead of using Blackboard, I will be posting most of our class information, assignments, and readings on this website. I will use Blackboard only to post your grades and for you to submit some assignments (like drafts). Why? Because you will also be able to post content to our site, which makes our classroom environment more collaborative and enables you to get some practice using WordPress if you haven’t used it before. This site is our space for writing, not just mine.

What is on this website?

Right now, you can find our course policies under the “Syllabus” tab, and the calendar with all assignments and readings for the semester under the “Course Schedule” tab.  Some resources you may find useful later on are in the “Resources” tab. As the semester progresses, I will add posts containing the lesson for each day to our “Class Notes” tab.

More will be added as we study writing and rhetoric together!

What do you need to do?

  1. Click around, familiarize yourself with the layout of the website and where to find different things. Look at the course calendar. Write down any questions you have so that you remember to ask them later.
  2. Fill out the “Getting To Know You” survey in the next post.
  3. Register for the CUNY Commons
  4. Join our Course Group (this will allow you to write your own posts here on the website)

It will also be helpful to bookmark this site for easy access!

Getting To Know You Survey

Dear Writers,

Please fill out the form below when you have a moment. All of your answers will be private.



Getting To Know You

While we will do group introductions on the first day of class, this form will give you the opportunity to share information you may want to keep private.
  • If your name in CUNYFirst is different from the name you go by, please provide your CUNYFirst name and the name you actually use. I will only use the name you actually use-- this is just so I know which person matches which roster name.
  • You can use IPA notation if you know it, but you can also use rhyming words or just spell out sounds as best you can. Example: Olivia Wood: O as in Ohh// Li as in Lizard// Vi rhymes with Bee // A like Uhh// Wood rhymes with Good
  • For example, I use she/her/hers pronouns. That means if you're referring to me, but not using my name, you would say "she." "My professor's name is Olivia. She sent us an online form to fill out."
  • This could include accessibility concerns and/or learning accommodations (no documentation required), life factors that may affect your ability to attend class or turn in assignments on time, etc.

Instructions for Posting

  1. If you are signed in to your Commons account, you should see a menu at the top of the page that has a button reading “+ New” or maybe just a + .  Click on this button to write a new post.
  2. Write your post! You can write in either the Block editor or the Classic editor. I like Classic better, but choose whichever one you find easier.
  3. If you’re in Classic editor, find the “Categories” section of the righthand sidebar (not “Category Sticky”) and select the appropriate category or categories for your post. If you’re in Block editor, toggle to the “Document” tab of the sidebar instead of the “Block” tab and do the same thing. You should never select “Instructor Announcement” as your category, because that’s just for me!
  4. Add tags to your post if you wish.
  5. Choose privacy settings for your post. Our site is already semi-private; only people with the link can find it because it is not Google-able. You can choose from “public” (everyone in the class can see it) “private” (only me and you can see it) and “password-protected” (only people you give the password to can see it).
  6.  Check or uncheck the “send to group” option in the “Group Blog” part of the sidebar. If this is checked, everyone in our class will get a notification email about your post.
  7. You can choose to set a “featured image” for a post. That image will appear at the top of the post and be included in the “link preview” that appears when you share the link on social media. Only do this if you want to.