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The Plan

Alright!! Here’s the plan!!

When I first read that we would have a 5 day instructional recess, I thought that was silly, but I’m increasingly appreciating the breathing room both for work and to deal with the rest of my life. And my feelings.

The “What Can/Should You Do Now?” section at the bottom of this post only includes things relating to this class. Outside of class, I hope you’re taking appropriate social/sanitary precautions, but also taking deep breaths, keeping in touch with family and friends, and making news/social media choices that keep the balance of staying informed + managing your stress that is best for you.

How Will We Hold Class?

We will not hold synchronous (real-time) class sessions for the remainder of the semester. It will be up to you to plan the best times to do your work. I will write more elsewhere about what steps I’m taking to keep my own life as organized and normal as possible soon.

I will post instructions for “modules” approximately weekly here on the course site, along with readings, activity instructions, deadlines, useful resources, etc. Each “module” will essentially encompass one theme or overall skill/task, according to the headings in the Course Schedule. I will preserve many of the segments you’re used to– we’ll still have “Writing Into the Day” prompts, etc.

Some work will not be collected– that is, I trust that you will do it and you trust me that what I ask you to do is designed to be useful for your learning.

Most work will live here on the course site, as posts and as comments.

Some work will be submitted on Blackboard, as we’ve been doing in the past.

I will ask each of you to sign up for writing conferences with me at least once, perhaps twice (still figuring out what will end up being reasonable) where we will communicate one on one in real time. What form that takes (text chatting, Google Hangout, phone call) will be up to you.

I have created appointment times for 3 days a week. If none of these times work for you and you need to discuss an alternate arrangement, that’s totally fine– just email me.

You do not have to sign up for office hours if you prefer to just email or comment with questions. Email and comments are still totally fine– office hours are just opportunities for anyone who prefers a real-time conversation.

“Attendance” points are now just online participation points. I will continue to arrange opportunities for 4 points per week to substitute for attending class. You still need to reach a total of 80 points for your overall participation grade to be 100%. It’s up to you how you do that. All of the Ways to Participate that can be done online are still in effect.

What Platforms Will We Use?

Mostly, we will continue to use the Course Site and Blackboard.

For content that I would normally lecture on (writing, rhetoric) or demonstrate (WordPress, research tools) in class, I will make videos, upload them to YouTube, and post the links here on the Course Site. For every video, I will also write a text-version for those with limited wifi/data access.

For peer review, I think it will be easiest to use Google Docs, but people who don’t use Docs and don’t want to sign up/learn a new platform can use email instead.

For virtual office hours and writing conferences, I will use Google Hangouts for those who prefer text chatting and video calls. For those who prefer audio-only calls, we have two options: Google Hangouts (use on your computer or download a smartphone app) or Google Voice (I share my Google Voice number with you and you call using your cellular service, or I can call you on your phone ).

What Can/Should You Do Now?

  1. Look over the Checklist of Assignments and determine which things you have done and which things you would like make-up. The post on Where Stuff Is and How To Find It has guidance on where to go to complete these assignments. Our 5 day break from classes might be a good time to get caught-up!
  2. Read the Final Project Assignment Overview and leave a comment with any questions you have. If you have a printer at home, I recommend printing it out.
  3. Check out the brand new Virtual Office Hours Scheduler I’ve set up. Schedule an appointment with me if you want to, or just click around a little and get used to how it works.
  4. Log into CUNYFirst and check your email settings. What is your default email address? Make sure it’s something you check regularly.
  5. Check your email settings here on the Course Site and decide if you want to change them. I recommend that you subscribe to all updates.
  6. Look over the Proposal Assignment Sheet. Don’t start working on this now– it’s just good to get a preview of what’s coming up so you can have it in the back of your head.
  7. If you don’t already have one, you might want to create a Google account and familiarize yourself with Google Docs and Hangouts.