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Weapons of Math Destruction Blog Assignment

This assignment is due on Monday, February 17 by the end of the day. 

You Can Earn: Up to 2 points of participation credit for posting, and up to 2 more for thoughtfully responding to your classmates in the comments.

First, for those having trouble accessing the Wall Street Journal article on the SAT, you can sign up for a FREE Wall Street Journal account by following the directions here: https://www1.cuny.edu/sites/cunyufs/2018/03/09/wall-street-journal-access-for-cuny-faculty-and-students/

Just make sure you use your John Jay email address!

If you have trouble accessing the New York Times article about data collection, you can sign up for an account on the site also for FREE using your John Jay email.

Overall Instructions:

After reading all of the chapters/articles for Monday 2/10 and Wednesday 2/12, write and publish a blog post responding to 1.5 of the following prompts (your choice). When you are done writing, make sure to choose the “Student Posts” category in the righthand sidebar.

What does “respond to 1.5 of the prompts mean?”

It means I want you to do an in-depth response to one prompt, where you really do some research and think critically about the issues, and then also write a quicker/shorter answer to another prompt.


  1. What data do you already track about yourself, or have you tracked in the past but no longer pay attention to? Why have you made these choices? What do you get out of it? What are the advantages/disadvantages of self-tracking? Of using digital devices to help us do it? What patterns do you think are present in your life, but don’t have the data to back it up? (For example, the person who found that coffee actually hurts his concentration, or the person who found that watching a bad movie made him feel negative about his own film career).
  2. Look up John Jay on the U.S. News and World Report, as well as any other colleges you may have applied to (and/or attended in the past, if you are a transfer student). What kind of picture does it paint of John Jay? Is that image accurate to your own experience so far? What information were you able to access, and what were you not able to access? Do the rankings/methodology seem fair? Why or why not? What would you change if you were in charge of the ranking algorithm, and why? What additional questions do you have about
  3. If you took the SAT or ACT, did you opt to let the company share your scores with schools? What did you gain from that decision, and how do you feel about it in light of the article? How does the College Board (the company behind the SAT)’s business model intersect with what you learned about college rankings? How should standardized tests be used in college admissions (or, should they be used at all)? What do SAT scores and the methods by which they are measured reveal about students, and what do they hide?

Instructions for Responding

A good response does more than simply agree/disagree with or compliment your classmate. You should ADD to their analysis in some way, or POSE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS for them to think about based on their answer. You can also CONTRIBUTE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS as long as you’re not simply repeating what you wrote about in your own post.

If your response could be one of these discussion board memes, please spend some more time thinking about it and try again.


February Writing Center Workshops

Here is a list of all of the workshops the Writing Center is holding in February, sorted by type of workshop. Remember, attending writing center workshops is one of the Ways to Earn Participation Points for our class.

If the file doesn’t appear in the window below, there is a download link beneath the image.

SpringStart English 101 Workshops

John Jay’s Writing Program hosts a series of workshops designed to provide extra support to English 101 students in the spring. There are 4 topics, but each topic is offered multiple times so you can pick the session that works for you. You can sign up for sessions here or read more about the workshops and see the schedule below.

For each workshop you attend, you will receive 2 participation points.