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Survey: Peer Review for Final Paper

Originally, we were going to do mandatory peer review for the final paper during the last week of April. Now, that idea just seems unfeasible, given the global situation and the various ways it might be impacting everyone’s lives.

However, because I believe peer review can be a very useful tool (both in terms of getting feedback AND in terms of practicing analyzing others’ writing), I still want to offer that opportunity to anyone who wants it.

Therefore, please fill out the survey below to tell me what you would like to do!

For everyone who says they would like to be in a peer review group, I will split you into groups of 2 or 3 based on your topic and let you know who you are paired with. I will send peer review instructions/prompts next week.

**Please fill it out even if you do not want to participate in peer review.**

Final Paper Peer Review

    "Work for you" means you have the technological capacity AND feel comfortable using this method, even if it is not your first choice. Please check all that apply.

Survey About Home Technology

CUNY has offered a list of “Things to Do Now” to prepare for the possibility of having to shift all classes to an online format, as some schools around the U.S. (and the world) are currently doing.

One of those things is to figure out what technology our classes have easy access to at home, so we can plan appropriate activities. (For example, some things like watching videos can take up a lot of bandwidth/cellular data, and that might not be feasible for you. If most people can watch videos at home with no problem, I might make videos but also provide text versions of the same information for those with limited data. If most people cannot easily watch online videos at home, it wouldn’t make sense for me to make them.)

This form is ANONYMOUS. Please fill it out as soon as you can, so I can make sure to plan lessons that are useful/accessible to our class community.

Technology Access/Needs Survey

A survey to gauge students' access to different technologies at home in order to plan activities for online learning that everyone can participate in.

Peer Review Part 2

Welcome to your survey for Peer Review Paper 1 Part 2

For our second round of peer review, do you want to change the option you chose for the first round? If so, what method of peer review would you prefer?

Sign Up for Peer Review Options

In class yesterday, we discussed how we would like to conduct peer review, and I said I would make a survey for people to sign up for which option they prefer. We decided on 3 options:

  1. Writers bring paper copies of their drafts and exchange them for feedback during the peer review session
  2. Olivia posts anonymized copies of drafts to the course site, labeled (Paper 1, Paper 2, etc.). Writers are assigned random numbers and leave comments on the papers corresponding with that number.
  3. If a writer would like to keep their paper private, they can choose to do so, Olivia will send them feedback, and they will leave feedback for their peers using the online method.

One thing we did not discuss (or I don’t remember what we decided): whether the in-person peer review should also be anonymized. In the past, I have put people in groups of 3 and each person reads/comments on the writing of the other people in their group. So, I put two options on the survey regarding this.

Please select whichever option you prefer by Monday night so I can spend Tuesday getting everything organized.

Welcome to your survey for Peer Review Paper 1

How would you like your paper to be peer reviewed? (If you choose paper copy or online, you will give feedback to others who chose the same. If you choose to keep your paper private, you will give feedback to others online.)