Course Schedule


Unit 1: Conventions of Academic Writing (4 weeks)

January 27 (Monday): Introductions to Each Other and the Course

January 29 (Wednesday): Introductions to Rhetoric and WMDs

Readings Due
“Rhetorical Devices: A Handbook and Activities for Writers” Sections 1 and 3 (PDF)
Cathy O’Neil TED Talk

Assignments Due
“Yourself as Reader and Writer” (1-2 pages, email or submit on Blackboard)

February 3 (Monday): Principles of Academic Writing

Readings Due

“Propaganda is Everywhere”
“Name Calling”
Bandwagon Illustration
Bandwagon Description

February 5 (Wednesday): WordPress Training and Portfolio Discussion

Meet in computer lab, New Building 7.68

Assignments Due
Name Calling and Bandwagon Examples

February 10 (Monday): Beginning Paper 1- Creative Nonfiction

Readings Due

Weapons of Math Destruction: Chapter 1 (PDF)
“The Data-Driven Life”

February 12 (Wednesday): NO SCHOOL

Readings Due

Weapons of Math Destruction: Chapter 3 (PDF)
Article on College Rankings
SAT selling student info

February 17 (Monday): NO SCHOOL

Assignments Due
WMD Blog Assignment

February 19 (Wednesday): Writing Workshop

Readings Due
“Shitty First Drafts”

Assignments Due
“This I No Longer Believe” Partial Draft Due

February 24 (Monday): Playing with Genre, Style, and Audience Day 1

Readings Due

“The Fear Appeal”
“The Humor Appeal”

February 26 (Wednesday): Writing Workshop

Assignments Due
Fear and Humor Appeal Examples
“This I No Longer Believe” Full First Draft Due

March 2 (Monday): Playing with Genre, Style, and Audience Day 2

Readings Due

Targeted Advertising

Unit 2: Rhetorical Principles (1.5 weeks)

March 4 (Wednesday): The Rhetorical Triangle

Readings Due
“How To Teach a Child to Argue”

Assignments Due
Testimonial Examples
“This I No Longer Believe” Final Draft

March 9 (Monday): Domains of Rhetoric

Readings Due

“The Romantic Appeal”
“The Gender Appeal”
“The Sex Appeal”
“Predictive Policing”
“The Problem With Broken Windows”

March 11 (Wednesday): School Cancelled, Coronavirus

Assignments Due:

Romantic, Gender, and Sex Appeal Examples
Analysis of an Ad Original Posts Due

March 16 (Monday): School Cancelled, Coronavirus

Assignments Due:
Analysis of an Ad Responses

Unit 3: Algorithms and Society Research Project (5 weeks)

While We’re Away (March 18- March 23): Beginning the Final Project

Readings Due
“Working Anything But 9-to-5”
“Leading Mathematician Debunks Value Added”

“The Long Shadow of Bad Credit in a Job Search”
“Secret E-Scores Chart Consumers’ Buying Power”
“Could a Bank Deny Your Loan Based on Your Facebook Friends?”

Revisit from 3/11:
“Are Workplace Personality Tests Fair?”
Optional: Take the Five Factor Personality TestMyers-Briggs Test, or another psychometric test and research what this “means” for you as an employee (THIS IS ONLY FOR FUN and has no bearing on what career you should pursue)

Assignments Due: TBD

**Recalibration Pause**

March 30: Proposal Draft 1 Due

During this week, give feedback to classmates on the blog as per the module instructions.

April 2: Revised Proposal Due

April 2-7: Beginning Research

Readings Due
“Glittering Generalities”
“Plain Folks Appeal”

Assignments Due
Glittering Generalities and Plain Folks Appeal Examples
Research assignment TBD

April 8 (Wednesday): SPRING BREAK NO SCHOOL

Week of April 13-19: Citing

Readings Due
“Everybody is Biased” + Read through the descriptions of the different cognitive biases (links on the left side of the page)

Assignments Due
Examples of two cognitive biases from the reading of your choice
Citation activities (instructions TBA)

April 20 (Monday): Making Our Sources Talk To Each Other

Readings Due
“Euphemisms” and “Transfer”

Assignments Due
Imaginary Interview Due

April 24 (Friday): Organizing Our Knowledge

Assignments Due
Euphemism and Transfer Examples
Annotated Bibliography Due

Week of April 27: Portfolio Work/Research Time

Readings Due
“Scarcity Appeal”
“How to Spot Fake News”

Assignments Due
Outline For Final Paper (Due April 27)
Final Paper Partial Draft (Due April 29)
Peer Reviews for Groupmates (Due May 1)
Scarcity Appeal and Fake (Or Misleading) News Examples (Due May 1)

May 4 (Monday): Writing Workshop

Reading Due

“Appeal to Patriotism”

Assignments Due
Final Paper Full Draft

Unit 4: Reflecting and Sharing (2 weeks)

May 6 (Wednesday): Revisiting Academic Writing

Assignments Due
Examples of Appeals to Patriotism

May 11 (Monday): Where Are We Now?

Assignments Due

May 13 (Wednesday): Sharing Our Work/Working On Portfolios

May 20 (Wednesday): Final Portfolio Due

I will hold virtual office hours on this day.

***Assignments Due: FINAL PORTFOLIO***

All Revisions of Previous Assignments Due, All Late Work Due