Glittering Generalities & Plain Folks

Glittering Generality: “Make America Great Again!”

This phrase seems like the perfect idea when you hear it. Making the nation great, the best. But, great how? It is vague, it does not give any information as to how it will be done, when, who. It only states what wants to be done, and it is this way because most of the time people who say it want to convince the audience that they are worth listening to without further evidence or questions.

Plain Folks: Politicians visiting areas hit by natural disasters

Presidents are usually individuals who are economically stable and successful. Not many of us can relate to them. As candidates, and when they become presidents what many of them do is visit low-income neighborhoods, visit areas that are hit by natural disasters and spend ‘quality time’ with the community. They are sometimes seem in fast-food restaurants or playing with kids in these streets with casual attire, to show they can be a regular folk.

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