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Final Project Proposal

I decided to do my research on the way our criminal justice system effect people of color. Considering how the system is entirely unfair, I want to explore how citizens are not only treated unfair but also the history, the present, and the future of social injustice against people of color. My inquiry questions are:

~Why is it that minorities are more susceptible to police brutality and injustices in prison?

~When an injustice happens to a person of color, can the media influence law-makers into creating new laws to protect citizens?

~What long term effects does the criminal justice system have when impacting an Individuals life, in terms of negative or positive?

I feel as though this topic is very important to me. I have personal experiences and have witnessed social injustices in my very own neighborhood. I always believed that our prison system was unfair and there are several examples shown in the media of unjust actions. People of color are most effected by these injustices. I want to know what it is that causes minorities to be a such a repetitive target?

For this research project I will be using documentaries that shine information on this topic. I will be looking into statistics and data, based on the US prison system. In addition, I will be searching for articles that can help me answer my three top questions and other questions that I have been personally curious about. For example, a question that I also have would be is there a loophole that connects to why people of color get arrested more?

Queen and Slim

This movie is really amazing. The various cinematic techniques that were utilized in the movie makes it satisfying to watch. For example, the camera angles and music that was used. The cast pick was really thought through and the plot makes you sit at the edge of your seat.The movie emphasizes loyalty, leaving a legacy, and finding your ride or die.