Research Progress

I feel like my research project could be at a more advanced stage, however, I do not want to beat myself up since I am trying to manage home, work, and school. Trying to do all of this and trying to have a normal life during this pandemic and lockdown is not the best for someone who constantly goes through anxiety and panic attacks— is the worst experience ever.

Everything related to writing in English has always resulted difficult for me, due to the fact that my native language is Spanish. Yet, researching I feel like I can be more open about certain writing techniques I like to use, and I get to show the vocabulary I have learned and feel proud of it. To do this research project I chose a topic close to home, and I admit I am glad I did, since I am learning new things about it, and I hope to keep on learning.

I hope everybody is staying home and being safe!

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  1. Rig Cona

    So, my research for my project is pretty much common knowledge due to my profession, as well as also looking at different aspects through the Lloyd Sealy Library. I have been looking around to see history as well as facts to help what I have to write about to prove my point and answer my question as well as those that can possibly be asked by others. Hopefully when my fingers strike the keys of the keyboard it becomes interesting to allow the reader to enjoy.


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