1. The speaker in the ad is a Pepsi-Cola Company.The speaker trying to present themselves that their drink is very tasty and suitable for any meal and any party. He shows on this ad that they are very happy and funny.
  2. The message on the ad says: It fun to cook with this drink, make good conversation, when you drinking you feel like you bouncing. They enjoy and have fun with drink as is says below photo: WHY TAKE LESS…WHEN PEPSI BEST.
  3. The assumptions in the ad is says:MORE BOUNCE TO THE PEPSI BOUNCE.
  4. The audience of the ad IS people who drinking Pepsi and smiling.
  5. The strategies the ad to try to persuade the audience is the people happy, smile , the picnic floor food and BBQ meal.
  6. The pathos to persuade the audience to show people is happy and food delicious with this drink Pepsi.
  7. The advertising is very effective will work if a person who is very hungry and if he or she see this ad and at this moment he or she is feel thirsty, then of course it is effective. But I also think that it may not work for many people, such as vegetarians, or who are dieting, or those people who are against sugary carbonated drinks.

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