Where Stuff Is and How to Find It

Someone emailed me this morning requesting tips on navigating the course site, particularly when searching for old things or double checking your own work. Because I’m sure many of you have similar questions, I’m sharing my response here as well.

Some General Tips for Navigating the Site

1. You can use the “Search” feature in the right sidebar to find things if you know a keyword.

2. To find all of the posts written by you, find ANY post you’ve written, then click on your name at the bottom of the post where it says “Written By: ___” That will take you to a page that displays only posts written by you.

3. For comments (and another way to do it for posts), go to the Site Dashboard, then click on “Comments” on the left sidebar. By default, it will show all comments in chronological order. But, if you click on the “Author” column, it will sort everything by author. Then, just scroll through the pages until you find your name, and you can see all of the comments you’ve left. This is what I do when I’m marking completion.

4. Now is also a VITAL time to practice using the Tags and Categories feature, as well as familiarizing yourself with the different tabs in the menu. Clicking on any tag or category in the sidebar will show you only posts sorted under that tag/category. As you make your own posts, please be extra diligent in assigning appropriate categories and tags to your own posts.

5. This is also a good time to bookmark posts/pages you expect to be referring back to often, such as the Course Schedule or Final Paper Overview posts. That way, you don’t have to scroll back through and find them each time.

6. There is a tag called “wordpress help”! There isn’t a lot there right now, but PLEASE leave your WordPress questions in comments (on this post, or anywhere, really– I get emails for all of them) and I can answer them in future posts with that tag.

If you’re doing this on mobile, sidebars often appear at the bottom of the page, so if you’re not seeing these things, scroll all the way down.

Links for Things on Assignment Checklist

Yourself as Reader and Writer
Weapons of Math Destruction Blog Assignment (to do comments for this, check under the Student Posts tab on the site. Not everyone’s posts will be there, depending on whether they checked that category, but definitely some are there.)
Analysis of an Ad Assignment (to do comments for this, click on the Analysis of an Ad category link in the sidebar to see your classmates’ posts)
Paper 1 Reflections

Bandwagon and Namecalling
Fear and Humor
Romance, Gender, and Sex

Paper 1: This I No Longer Believe

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