Appeal to Patriotism

This image portrays a man who is being prevented from speaking against the government. Someone else or himself is putting a red, blue, and white cloth over his mouth to make this clear. It tells the audience that if you are really a person who supports their nation you have no reason to ever question what the authorities holding government do. To emphasize this, they show the individual with his eyes close.

2 thoughts on “Appeal to Patriotism

  1. Olivia Wood

    Ooh, great artifact! My question would be, do you think this image is sincere (it’s actually from the department of homeland security), or do you think someone else made it to criticize/make fun of the DoH? If it’s the latter, it’s certainly using patriotism, but I don’t think it’s ~appealing~ to patriotism, you know? Because it’s saying “patriots” do a thing the speaker considers bad.

  2. Kamilla Jelannikova

    Appeal to Patriotism

    Example 1
    By the healthy spirit of patriotism breathed in all his works Jirasek contributed not a little to maintaining among the masses of the people a national consciousness and faith in a better national future.

    Example 2

    There are many brave Americans serving in the military for our country, or who have served in the past. VanEeuwan says kids should learn to “honor soldiers who have served or died.”
    “It doesn’t matter if you agree or not with what they were doing, but it was the fact that they’re willing to die for our rights,” she notes.
    To converse about this topic, and teach about soldiers, Langenderfer suggests, “If you go to a parade, for example, and you see soldiers walking by … talking about what they did” and why it’s important to show them respect – “Especially for families that aren’t military families,” she notes.


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