Module 5 (April 20-24): Just Keep Swimming

This week you’re just working on your annotated bibliographies and doing another set of rhetorical devices! Thanks to everyone who has turned in their Imaginary Interviews and Cognitive Biases examples.

Please complete the Peer Review Survey asap so I can put people into groups.

Rhetorical Devices Readings:
“Euphemisms” and “Transfer”

Examples/Analysis due as a comment on this post by the end of the day April 24.

Annotated Bibliography Instructions/Rubric
Also due by the end of the day April 24

See Module 4 for instructions on formatting and citations.

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8 thoughts on “Module 5 (April 20-24): Just Keep Swimming

  1. Riad S Abdullayev

    I think euphemism became quite a common thing in the past years since nowadays people are afraid to offend each other. One of the examples that immediately came to my mind was the term “procrastination”, which is the fancy and much more pleasant way of lazy. The other example is which is widely used in modern psychological research papers and articles are “mentally challenged” instead of using mentally ill/sick or disabled.
    One of the examples for Transfer can be an endorsement of the presidential campaign. For instance, shortly after Bernie Sanders ended his campaign – he endorses Joe Biden for his progressive supporters to be less skeptical towards the moderate candidate. The other example is quite popular in academic and professional worlds – recommendation letters from a professor, employer, etc. In those letters usually, people mention their degree or position (Doctor of Clinical psychology or Head of HR department in X firm) and how his/her ways crossed with the recommended person as well as there is contact information in case if the reader would like to clarify something. All these needed if we want the recommendation letter to be legit.

  2. Juan Marte Melendez

    #1 Euphemisms
    You’re fired!
    Many employees use another word or expression to inform their employers that they are fired. You are being involuntarily separated, you are being realigned, there is a surplus reduction in personnel, or the staff is being re-engineered or right-sized. Euphemisms refer to polite, indirect expressions that replace words and phrases considered harsh and impolite, or which suggest something unpleasant.

    # 2 Transfer
    Promo tax preparers using the image of Uncle Sam
    In tax season, I see propagandist carries over the authority of Uncle Sam, which has been a famous symbol of the US government in American culture and a manifestation of patriotic emotion. They appeal to the nationalism and responsibility as a businessman to fill out the taxes.

  3. Lessley Perez

    Example 1: “We did everything we could”
    Context: Personally, I have never heard this phrase but I have heard it on TV shows and movies, said by doctors to family members when a loved one has passed away. Although very impactful, it is a much better way to deliver devastating news.

    Example 2: “Maybe I should do the talking”
    Context: This is an easy way to tell someone that perhaps don’t use the right words when dealing with something important. It’s also a way to take the lead on a situation without seeming arrogant or something.

    Context 1: Statue of Liberty
    Example 1: If a company were to use the Statue of Liberty in its background, in order to promote a product, many people would feel inclined to buy it. This is because they may feel pride in the Statue of Liberty. It may also be because they have a personal connection with the statue.

  4. Kareem Johnson

    #1 Euphemisms
    “Passed Away”
    The use of “passed away” instead of “died” is an example of an Euphemism. “Passed away” preserves the subject and context of the situation, but is not as blunt and impolite as died.

    # 2 Transfer
    The “We Can Do It!” poster
    The use of the “We Can Do It!” poster is an example of Transfer because when used in an ad or commercial, many people, particularly females and feminists, are inclined to join whatever movement or buy whatever products is being promoted.

  5. Tiffany Flores

    When you’re participating in class and you provide an answer that isn’t necessarily correct the professor will usually say “I see where you’re coming from but that’s not exactly what i’m looking for” It doesn’t make you feel as bad when you aren’t saying the specific answer that was being sought out

    “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” this is an example of transfer because it’s not necessarily true but they are using doctors as a fear mongering tactic

  6. Kamilla Jelannikova

    Euphemisms may be used to amuse, downplay the severity of a situation, or conceal the speaker’s embarrassment about something. Euphemisms can develop over time to avoid having to say a particular word, though sometimes euphemisms themselves become taboo once they are closely associated enough with the offensive concept. For example, “toilet” sounds a bit more crass in American English than our current “bathroom” or “restroom,” yet it replaced earlier words that had become offensive such as “house-of-office” and “privy-house.”

    To send data over a computer channel or bus. “Transfer” generally applies to transmission within the computer system, and “transmit” refers to transmission outside the computer over a line or network.
    Transfers are actually copies, since the data are in both locations at the end of the transfer. Input, output and move instructions activate data transfers in the computer.Reference

  7. Marco Antonio Perez

    Euphemism example 1; “mentally challenged” this is a clear example of Euphemism because back then, instead of saying this phrase, many people referred to it as “retarded” which many people found insulting and offensive. Not that long ago health professionals chose to name this as mentally challenged instead of retarded because it seemed more ethical to say and it replaced the sense of insult that the other word had.
    Transfer example 1; an example of transfer would be posters in the subways. Mainly these posters would be related to shows or movies that came out recently. These are made because people who are coming back from home would maybe be interested in watching these shows since they remember seeing an ad about the show and could have gotten their attention.

  8. Avril Hernandez

    Euphemism example:
    I am Latina. During my pre-teen years I was a very slim girl, now that I have gained some weight every time my family members see me (mostly the elders), they tend to tell me “Wao, Avril tu estas fuerte”. This is basically when they say in english “You are big boned”. It is a way people try to tell the other they have gotten fatter, even if they are not obese or overweight, but is used to try and not hurt the individuals feeling.
    Transfer Example:
    IcyHot is a topical pain reliever. There a various ads with Shaquille O’neal, a basketball player, where he states how great the ointment is to get rid of pain. As an athlete, he has to undergo through intensive exercise routines, which leave him exhausted. When the audience sees this particular ad, they infer that IcyHot is indeed good for pain relief.


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