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Topic:College Admissions and RankĀ 

               I plan on researching college admissions and ranking. I find it interesting because there are many colleges that have a variety of racial groups which make up it’s diversity. Not only do colleges look at grades but they also look at a student’s racial background. This can affect their admissions to colleges because certain schools only accept specific racial groups. This is seen as discriminatory to many students because colleges are not looking at their grades but are choosing them based on their race and background instead. Especially in New York, there are many colleges that its “diversity” is not diverse enough. When looking up universities, the statistics speak for themselves. The minorities according to a graph in regarding to college admissions, are Asians and African Americans and the majority are Hispanics and white people that get accepted into colleges. This gap proves how discriminatory or the word used In today’s society, “diverse”, colleges can be when enrolling students.

          A question that I would like to know and answer would be why do colleges look at students Ethnic and racial groups if it has nothing to do with their Academic achievements? Many students who have good grades may not have been accepted to their school based on their race and because of this, many schools may be looked bad by many people who think the school is too selective. This can affect their rank and possibly get a bad review from many parents. 

           College admissions and rank are also determined by the income families receive. Families who receive less income are gonna have less chances to get into a private college. Caucasian families have more income than families who are Asian and Hispanic. The top 3 racial groups that are enrolled into colleges accordingly are Whites, Hispanics and Asians, respectively. The difference between these 3 groups In income is drastically different though. White families make more than Hispanics and Asians combined. Students whose parents income are low rely on scholarships to cover their tuition and this is the reason why Hispanics and Asians are chosen to get into the colleges they want. 

           College ranks depend on how many students graduate on time and without debt. This is something I would also like to research. Colleges that have high rates of students graduating on time has good reviews which make them more popular. When enrolling to different colleges, students have to research the colleges they want to go to but they have to keep in mind what colleges are more open and acceptable to them. The way they figure this out is based on the college’s statistics on race, income, location, graduation rate and how many students graduate debt free. 

2 thoughts on “Proposal For Final Paper

  1. Lessley Perez

    I like this topic! It certainly is one that has a lot of information and there are so many ways to go! Seeing as you spoke of more than one area as to what colleges look at during admissions, do you think that the immigration status is factor as well?

    1. Marco Antonio Perez Post author

      Immigration status is also a factor in admissions. Sometimes certain students don’t have a way to pay their tuition because their parents are undocumented and can’t meet the expectations of college tuitions which leads to students to choose another college to get accepted at.


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