Module for March 19-23

Step 1: Writing into the Week-

I think that the most relatable reading was the one about companies advertising. I had seen and tested out the theory in the past, to see if it was true. I haven’t explored all the different ways you can get ads on your phone, such as just speaking of it while your phone is near you. Based on the reading we did for it, I found it really interesting as to how ads can be quickly delivered to an individual. I would like to learn how other companies (other than Facebook and Target)  target their customers, or potential customers.

Step 2: Which reading sparked your interest?

Step 3: Research!-

Source Link (John Jay) #1:

Source Link (CNBC) #2:

Step 4: Share your findings-

Source #1: 

This article caught my attention because it offers a different perspective of ways companies can advertise to consumers. The article, written in 2011, explains how beneficial a digital wallet can be to be people. How companies can use the data from a consumer in order to partner with other bigger or smaller companies and offer rewards or incentives for those who purchase such products. At the same time, I think having a digital wallet could also share one’s information based on where purchases are made. If I am constantly buying fast food, chances are that the next time I go out, I will get a notification telling me where the nearest Chipotle is. I think the source is pretty reliable because  it talks about how companies can work with one another in order to promote their products. The author, Kristin Laird is a retail reporter and online editor. 

Source #2:

This article was interesting to me because it was a research done by a senior reporter from the channel CNBC. This article, written in 2018, talks about the different ways Facebook can collect data based on one’s research or while the app is open in the background even if you aren’t using it. My take from this article is that Facebook in its own way is sneaky. The way it is able to gather an individual’s information and distribute it to third party apps. I believe this source is reliable because the report comes from a trusted tv source. CNBC, a TV Channel from New Jersey is what the channel ABC or NBC would be to us, here in New York. While I am aware that sometimes, TV news and its reporters can spread false information, it seems like this article is one that is mainly based on facts and research rather than opinion. The author, Michelle Castillo is a senior reporter for the news company, Cheddar. Up until 2018, she worked for the news company, CNBC.

Step 6: Inquiry Questions-

  1. How quickly are consumers to buy what they are advertised?
  2. Do some companies admit that they “listen in” to conversations in order to gather information?
  3. How can we maintain our privacy and prevent apps, such as Facebook, from selling our information to third party apps.
  4. Why is it that not all companies sell our information? (ex. My dad is a member of BJ’s, yet the promotions and discounts we get are not really picked based on what we buy literally every time we go, yet they claim it is all “handpicked for us”.)

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    Step 2
    Working Anything But 9-to-5”
    I liked this Article, about single mother, she had problem with her hard schedule work, problem with money and housing. Also she have a son. She work very hard. And another problem with housing , they had to have it so that the son could go to school, because since the school required a place to live. But despite th difficulties she tries to cope a difficult situation.

    Step 3+4
    I found an interesting article that the Taxes IRS gave people a deferment for American and that there would not even be any fees. Also found about television , now the caple network will be free and that everyone in America will have access to the latest new about coronavirus and also In TECHNOLOGY Facebook Will Roll Out Central Location for Virus Information

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