Romance, Gender, and Sex Appeal Examples

Romance Appeal 

Example 1: Ralph Lauren Romance TV Commerical, ‘Do You Believe?’

Analysis: This advertisement first aired back in May of 2019 for the release of Ralph Lauren’s new fragrance, Romance. The song featured in the commercial is called ‘Real Love’ by Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne. The clip features a young couple falling in love. There are cliche romantic scenes where the couple is walking through what appears to be a sea of flower petals, and one where they are running and kissing in the rain. At the end of the advertisement the woman introduces the perfume by asking “Do you believe in romance?”. I am not sure how effective an advertisement like this is, because the entire time I am watching the ad I am too busy wondering what the hell is this an advertisement for? It is only at the very end that they disclose that and make it clear. The romance appeal is basically depicted via this picturesque couple, which some people may envy. Ralph Lauren wants you to associate this type of relationship with the use of this fragrance.

Example 2: Sandals Resorts TV Commercial, ‘Who Says?’

Analysis: Sandals Resorts advertisements are pretty well known for utilizing the romance appeal to draw people in. The particular commercial that I referenced above shows video footage of several couples in seemingly blissful love enjoying the amenities, and beautiful beaches and scenery that this resort has to offer. Even the voice of the woman narrating the commercial is smooth and sweet sounding. Through commercials laid out like this one, Sandals is able to get people to desire this type of romantic getaway. They are illustrating how happy, relaxed, connected, and “in love” their guests feel while staying at their resorts. This type of advertising in my opinion is very effective.  You are viewing all these images of beautiful people, enjoying gorgeous beaches, and luxurious amenities, while simultaneously listening to a soothing voice explain to you why the resort is so wonderful and what the perks of staying at a Sandals resort are.

Gender Appeal

Example 1: Controversial Peleton TV Commercial, ‘The Gift’

Analysis: I’m sure everyone recalls the super controversial Peleton commercial that was airing around this past holiday season. The commercial depicts a woman receiving a Peleton bike as a Christmas gift from her husband, and the “personal journey” she takes each day as a result of receiving the bike. Yes, an already seemingly thin woman, receives an exercise bike as a gift for Christmas from her husband- to lose more weight. This ad caught a lot of flack from viewers claiming it was sexist and degrading towards women, and pushing the agenda that sets unrealistic expectations for women’s physique. I do not think Peleton foresaw how negatively this advertisement would be received. I believe that the original intention of this ad was to demonstrate how a woman can play many roles in life, and still find time to take care of herself and exercise to improve her overall well being. In the ad you see that the couple has one child. You also see the mother returning from work and then exercising, and waking up at the crack of dawn to use the bike as well. So this woman is a wife, a mother, an employee etc. and she’s still making time to exercise thanks to the thoughtfulness of her wonderful husband. I think it was meant to appeal to the busy women of the world who strive to “do it all”.

Example 2: Chrysler Pacifica Commercial ‘No Matter How You Parent’

Analysis: I personally find this commercial hilarious. The commercial depicts two different “types” of moms in the school drop off/pick up line: The mom who is a hot, frazzled, mess that can’t seem to get her sh*t together, and the mom who is seemingly perfect, dressed professional, without a hair out of place. The fact that Chrysler chose to use women to advertise their newest model minivan speaks volumes in itself. It kind of illustrates the typical gender role of a woman: A woman’s purpose in life is to be a mother, and the primary caretaker for her children, therefore she needs a reliable and spacious minivan to schlep them around from place to place. So although the commercial is meant to say “hey, our minivan appeals to you, regardless of what ‘kind’ of mom you are” it nonetheless still resonates with the cliche message that women should be mothers, and therefore they should be driving around in minivans to transport their children.

Sex Appeal

Example 1: Gucci Guilty Perfume Advertisement

Analysis: The first ad I chose that utilizes the sex appeal tactic is this advertisement for Gucci Guilty women’s perfume. The ad displays an attractive man and woman, seemingly naked, embracing with a bottle of the actual perfume depicted in the bottom right corner. In very small font at the bottom you can see the words “The new fragrance for her”. The man in the advertisement looks as if he is smelling the woman’s neck, entirely enchanted by her. The ad is basically projecting how sexually desirable a woman will be if she utilizes this perfume.

Example 2: Body Paint 2012 Superbowl Commercial 

Analysis: This commercial aired during the 2012 Superbowl. It features former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and fitness guru Jillian Michaels painting another woman’s naked body with the name of companies that advertise on the GoDaddy website. The advertisement is basically suggesting that if you want your businesses website to get more traffic or clicks, you should consider using GoDaddy as the platform because they know how to grab peoples attention (ex: by painting advertisements on a naked woman’s body). I am unsure of how effective this ad is. I feel like some people may find it offensive or degrading towards women, while on the other hand some may find humor in how ridiculous the ad actually is.



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