Anonymous Draft 2: This I No Longer Believe (Round 2)

For decades, science and religion have both discredited each other. Normally, people take sides and neither side can seem to give validity to the other side.

When I was younger, I really never put much thought into how the earth was formed. I just knew it was there and that was it. I knew there was science somehow involved and I also knew there was God, Jesus, and the Holy spirit, back when I was Catholic, sort of. My parents are not from the same religion, my dad is Catholic and my mom is/was Christian.

By the time I was in the 8th grade, I had fully established in my head; the Earth is the way it is thanks to bacteria. We exist and the animals exist thanks to evolution. What better explanation could there be?

At the age of 15, I started attending a Christian church. As the months passed by, I was taught that God created everything. Nothing was possible without God, and science existed because of God’s creation. For a while, I didn’t question it. It wasn’t until the Pastor brought the Hebrew roots into the congregation, that I changed my mind once again.

These beliefs are ones that currently, we are still learning in church. The names, stories and meanings as we know it, are different. The bible we read is the Torah, which means law. It is
the first five books YWHW [1] instructed Moshe [2] to write for the future nation of Israel. The nation of Israel is composed of 12 tribes who are the descendants of Yaakov*. The 12 tribes [3] are as follows: Reuven, Shimeon, Levi, Yahudah, Yissajar, Zevulun, Dan, Naftali, Gad, Asher, Yosef (later split into half tribes and named after his sons, Ephraim and
Menashe) and Binyamin. There is a lot to this background that I am still learning about, but through this new belief, is where I felt some inconsities were taking place. Perhaps it is the way the Pastor explained it, that to me, it didn’t add up.

Currently, I am starting to believe that both theories/beliefs have some truth to it and that the Earth or the Universe was neither formed by only God or only science.

The reason why I say this is because both sides have some holes that, in my opinion, can be filled in with one another. It was just random questions, how is it that things happened the way they did? If God was the creator, why did things change overtime? Why were not things just made the way he wanted since the beginning?

My theory starts with the fact that, God made Earth itself, the shape of it, and he added the water, and plants. Land could possibly be due to the movement of tectonic plates overtime.

He also made animals and humans, but they were not what they or we look like today. This is where science comes in again. In the past, animals looked very different, this we can confirm. Huge furry spiders, that over time, have evolved. Spiders, while still deadly, are now much smaller than us humans. Fishes have also evolved, sharks have gotten smaller. Organisms have
evolved in order to adapt to the ever-changing conditions. But change did not come on its own. No, science was also responsible for that. God was the creator, science was the collaborator.

If we go back, before dinosaurs even existed, the majority of then current animals, perhaps mainly lived in water. So how do we have now animals walking the same ground we walk? Or
how did they adapt to water in order to swim and hunt? Perhaps, as each organism was scavenging for food for its survival, food became scarce and they became forced to adapt
to new conditions.

An example can be the Ambulocetus Natans, part of the Cetacean group known for aquatic mammals such as whales and dolphins. Its name means, the “walking swimming whale”. Based on research, scientists believe it wasn’t good at neither living in water or land. It was powerful but not an efficient swimmer. On land, its legs could barely support its own weight, and its snout looked like it made it difficult for it to lift his head up. Regardless, it lived at the bottom of freshwater and was well suited for its environment. If this mammal reminds you of any
other animal, it is perhaps the Crocodile. They both share very similar lifestyles, despite the fact that whales and crocodiles are not related in any way. This is not an example of a direct
evolution from the Ambulocetus to the crocodiles as we know them today, but rather evolution that still went through other adaptations, such as the Indohyus, part of the group known as
Artiodactyls, which consist of hoofed mammals.

Moments like this leaves so much room for so many questions. It leaves so many gaps that any bible can’t really explain. Because it gives a quick summary and more present related version of the formation of our earth.

[1] YWHW is the Hebrew and original name for God
[2] Moshe is the Hebrew and original name for Moises
[3] The 12 Tribes name in Hebrew: the english version is similar and as follows: Reuben,
Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Joseph (sons: Ephraim
and Manasseh), Benjamin

One thought on “Anonymous Draft 2: This I No Longer Believe (Round 2)

  1. Riad S Abdullayev

    Perhaps it’s because I generally like topics of religion and science, but I enjoyed reading your essay! I liked the fact that you brought some religious facts as well as scientific (that at least I didn’t know). However, I would like to read more about how exactly your opinion changed. What stages you went through, etc.
    I know that changing your religious beliefs is not an easy thing to do and it’s not happening overnight.


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