First Assignment: Yourself as Reader, Writer, and Researcher

1-2 double-spaced pages on “Yourself as Reader, Writer, and Researcher” (Submit via the link on Blackboard OR post to our class blog if you want to share your response with your classmates too.) Due Wednesday, January 29th by class time (4:30pm).

Please submit as a .doc or .docx file, using size 12 font


We all have histories as readers, writers, and researchers, even if you hate these activities. For this assignment, help me get to know you by telling me about your history. Below are several questions for you to consider as you compose your answer. You do not need to address all of them, and feel free to talk about other things related to reading, writing, research, and English classes.

  • What kinds of things do you read? (Not just books!)
  • What kinds of things do you love to read or hate to read? Why?
  • What’s a really good memory you have about reading, or a really bad one?
  • What about writing?
  • How much writing did you do in high school, and what kinds of things did you write?
  • What kinds of research have you done in the past?
  • What do you find difficult or confusing about the research process?
  • What were your past English classes like?
  • How do you feel about starting this class? What would you like to learn? 

0 thoughts on “First Assignment: Yourself as Reader, Writer, and Researcher

  1. Sarelys Hernandez

    The things I read are quotes, memes and Fox News. I have an app where I read its called fox news and I see all the news instead of watching it I read it everyday to stay informed.
    The things I hate to read is poems because I feel like sometimes I don’t understand what the author means completely so it isn’t as meaningful as it was supposed to be.
    A really good memory I have with reading was when I first learning how to read my grandmother wrote to me a letter that said if I knew how to read it to her and respond back she would take me to get Mc Donalds and to six flags over the summer.
    In high school I did plenty of writing, I wrote persuasive essays, journal entries, argumentative essays, anecdotes, and even poems.
    The type of research I’ve done in the past was for countries I had interest in like for example Cuba when it was communist.
    I feel good about this class I feel like I will have a lot of growing to do and it will be a good way to gain knowledge of the real world as well since writing and reading are very important components of life.


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